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Who Were the Winners and Losers at the 2015 Bahrain GP?

The first emotions you feel when you visit the Bahrain International Circuit at Sakhir are awe and admiration. It is no wonder that after the race, Shaikh Salman bin Isa Al Khalifa the CEO of the Grand Prix reported last year’s attendance record was broken, with 32,000 fans attending.

The glamour and uniqueness of the night GP has also won this race the Best Organized Grand Prix from FIA. However, the real winners and losers who really matter are on the track, which makes it imperative to get some insight on them. Here are some ideas:

1.       Mercedes

There have been endless ongoing events off the track all revolving around Hamilton and his contract.  However, Mercedes can rest easy knowing that the Briton is not affected by the hullabaloo about a probable move to Ferrari...

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