Could Double Points at Abu Dhabi Decide The F1 Winner?

If what fans have seen so far is anything to go by, then Abu Dhabi Grand Prix is going to be a determiner of who wins this year’s Formula One. The races have been tense and with tension come bad decisions.

From the Bahrain Grand Prix to the infamous Belgium Spa crash, the tension has been palpable and the drama more thrilling than the latest season of Game of Thrones.

The Thrill so Far

The focus has been on Hamilton and Rosberg, both driving for Mercedes who can proudly say they have the two fastest cars this season. With sneaky maneuvers, cutting across each other and ignoring team orders, the two drivers have brought exhilarating moments to F1.

Why Abu Dhabi GP is Crucial

After the infamous incident at Belgian Grand Prix that forced Hamilton to crash, it seemed things were going the right way for Rosberg. However, after the Russian Grand Prix, the standings for the top three are:

  • Lewis Hamilton: 291 points – Mercedes
  • Nico Rosberg: 274 points – Mercedes
  • Daniel Ricciardo: 199- Red Bull

Technically, with 3 more races starting with US, Brazil and finally Abu Dhabi, any of these drivers can win. So, what makes Abu Dhabi Grand Prix this critical?

The controversial decision to award the last race of the calendar more points has brought a lot of reactions with none less than 2013 champion Vettel labeling it as absurd.

What does this mean for you? It is time to start preparing your tickets because this race is going down to the wire and if nothing much changes, you can bet it will be a thrill.  There are numerous things to do down there but before you board the plane why not get some insight on Abu Dhabi GP?

Brief Background of Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

The Yas Marina Circuit was the creation of Hermann Tilke and it is a wonder to behold. The 1st approved FIA race was held in 2009. It was to make history as the 1st day-night race. Though initially set as a festival from 2007, organizers received the rights to hold GP races from 2009-2016.

The 2010 race was the first significant race because it settled the championship  between Vettel and Alonso. Hamilton was later to win in 2011, Vettel again in 2012 and 2013 in a Red Bull racing car. The 2014 has become even juicier due to the double point decision.

Some of the facts you need to remember before heading down include:

  • Race date: 21st to 23rd November 2014
  • Location: Yas Marina Circuit on Yas Island
  • Circuit length: 5,554 kilometers
  • Number of laps: 55
  • Lap record: Sebastian Vettel in 2009 at 1:40:279

The decision to award double points to the last race has been widely criticized but as a fan, it heightens the tension making things more exciting. Arguments about how past final races with double points would have changed championship winners don’t count at all.

The race seems to be a two-horse affair but in racing one second could change everything. If Formula One was predictable you can bet you would not be buying that ticket to go down to Abu Dhabi.

So, to Toto Wolff the Mercedes Boss and other naysayers, relax and let racing be. See you at Yas.