The Crème de la Crème of Monaco GP Drivers

Monaco Grand Prix produces somewhat of euphoria among both drivers and fans. Probably it is because of the tough track and hairpins that can reduce a driver’s lead into nothing or the breathtaking sights along the course.

The Monaco GP Specialists

Nonetheless, like in any other track, there are those drivers who are specialists in conquering Monaco. As the countdown to Monaco F1 2015 starts, why not take a look back to help us know who might win next year? Here are some of these greats of the Monte Carlo track in no order of merit.

Michael Schumacher

Like him for his handiwork or hate him for the crazy manoeuvres, Schumacher still remains the greatest winner of all at Monaco. The young driver took the mantle from Ayrton Senna to become the king of Monte Carlo streets.
Like befits any king, Schumacher went on to prove his worth by winning five times starting from 1994. What’s more, the driver recorded three pole positions and went on to win in ‘95, ‘96, ‘97, ‘99 and the last in 2001. In 2006, he had the most controversial qualifying race after deliberately blocking Alonso and other cars.

Ayrton Senna

Can anyone write about Monaco without mentioning Senna? Of course not, he was the one who lit up the track with brilliant if not crazy driving. You can simply call him the undisputed king of the streets having won six times on these streets between ‘87 and ‘93.

As the Hamilton and Rosberg drama plays out, it is impossible to tell whether it can propel them to the greatness of Senna, driven by his rivalry with Prost. Only time will tell.

Graham Hill

He is aptly called ‘Mr. Monaco’ for a good reason. From a Royal Navy Serviceman to a Lotus mechanic, no one could have predicted such greatness in Graham. However, he confounded all by taking five wins and two pole positions.

His debut was in 1963 ending in a final win in 1969. Perhaps the race that put him in history books was the adrenaline filed Monaco 1965 GP. With a sizeable lead, a backmarker appeared and Hill drove onto an escape road. He had to push the car back to the track all alone and went on to make the mother of all comebacks. Talk of genius.

Alan Prost

The period between 1984 and 1993 in Monaco Grand Prix saw domination by two great drivers. One was Prost and the other was Senna. He won four races and took four pole positions. He was a reserve driver and was cautious where Senna used to push the limit.

However, would Monaco have been this famous without the legendary battles between Prost and Senna? Definitely not, from the controversial win in the 1984 race it was obvious that good things were about to start happening in Monaco.

Jackie Stewart

With three wins here and four pole positions starting from 1965, Stewart definitely makes it on the list of the Monaco GP legends. The Scot was an amiable driver and went on to win in 1971 and lastly in 1973 before calling it a day.

Mark Webber

Webber has always remained a popular figure in Monaco and some kind of a specialist. In 2010, the Australian had gathered some experience in Formula One and it was not surprising that his first win here came in a more reliable Red Bull and not the Williams-Cosworth that he earlier had.
In 2012, fate was on his side after Schumacher suffered another penalty enabling Webber to take pole position. He went on to win and in 2013 recorded the 4th podium and retired at the end of that season. Everyone wishes he had remained to make Formula One even more competitive.

Stirling Moss

If you are an ardent follower of Formula One you know that Moss still remains the best driver not to ever win the Championship. When it comes to Monaco though, he joins the list of the greats with three wins and three pole positions. Was it just bad luck or what? No one will ever know but he remains an inspiration to many British drivers.

There are other Monaco specialists including Fernando Alonso, Nick Lauda and Fangio, all with two wins in the most prestigious race of the Grand Prix calendar.

Who is your favourite amongst these?